Kodak 7278

Tri-X Reversal Film

Gauges: Super 8, 16mm
Color/B&W: Black & White
Type: Reversal
Usage: Camera
Balance: Daylight
ASA/EI: 200 (daylight) / 160 (tungsten)
Process: Unknown
Edge coding: KODAK R [1950s/'60s] (confirmed) / TXR [1970s-2003]
Introduced: 1955
Discontinued: 2003
Antecedent: None/Unknown

Usage Notes

"A high speed reversal-type panchromatic film suitable for general interior photography with artificial light.  It may also be used under daylight conditions for slow motion pictures in weak light or late in the day.  When processed by reversal methods, it yields a positive image having both good contrast and graininess characteristics.  This positive may be used for either projection or duplication.  May also be used as a negative material, using conventional processing methods, although this practice results in some sacrifice in speed and graininess characteristics."  (American Cinematographer Manual, 1960 edition)

"A high-speed reversal film that provides excellent tonal gradation and halation control.  It is useful for photography under difficult lighting conditions both outdoors and in the studio.  Especially suitable for television newsreel work and sports photography." (American Cinematographer Manual, 5th edition (1980))

Technical Notes

"KODAK TRI-X Reversal film, 7278. Daylight, EI 200, Tungsten, EI 160 B&W. Awarded OSCAR -- (28th Academy Year) Class II. Scientific or Technical Award." (Kodak Chronology of Motion Picture Films)

Anecdotal Notes


Archival Properties


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