Kodak 7268

Kodachrome KM 40 (Type A) (tungsten)

Gauge: Super 8
Color/B&W: Color
Type: Reversal
Usage: Camera
Balance: Tungsten
ASA/EI: 40 (tungsten) / 25 (daylight, w/ 85 filter)
Process: K-14 / Kodachrome
Edge coding: Unknown
Introduced: 1974
Discontinued: 2005
Antecedent: None/Unknown
Replacement: None/Unknown

Usage Notes

"This is a moderate speed, color reversal film designed for news and documentary applications.  The processed film is balanced for direct projection or television display."  (American Cinematographer Manual, 1993 edition)

Technical Notes

Kodachrome KM series. 16mm version is stock number 7270.

Super 8 mag-striped version discontinued in 1998.


Anecdotal Notes


Archival Properties