Fuji 8660

Fujicolor F-250D Color Negative Film

Gauge: 16mm
Color/B&W: Color
Type: Negative
Usage: Camera
Balance: Daylight
ASA/EI: 250 (daylight) / 64 (tungsten) (w/ LBB-12 or 80A filter)
Process: Unknown
Edge coding: N60
Introduced: Unknown
Discontinued: Unknown
Antecedent: None/Unknown

Usage Notes

"This is a high-speed, daylight-balanced color negative film with excellent speed-to-grain ratio, high sharpness and faithful color rendition.  Designed for high-speed cinematography, underwater cinematography, low light level daylight filming and both indoor and outdoor filming with mixtures of natural and artificial daylight illumination." (American Cinematographer Manual, 1993 edition)

Technical Notes

Also available in 35mm (8560). (Mark Toscano)

Anecdotal Notes


Archival Properties