Agfa-Gevaert 451 / 4.51

Duplicating Negative

Gauge: 16mm
Color/B&W: Black & White
Type: Negative
Usage: Intermediate
Balance: Unknown
Process: Unknown
Edge coding: E [followed by footage number]
Introduced: Unknown
Discontinued: Unknown
Antecedent: None/Unknown
Replacement: None/Unknown

Usage Notes

This stock seems to have been intended for making dupe negatives from b/w reversal sources, as opposed to fine grain master positives. (Mark Toscano)

"Designed for preparing dupe negatives.  This low contrast material has fine grain and high resolving power, insuring excellent rendering of detail.  This emulsion is not color sensitized (blue sensitive)."  (American Cinematographer Manual, 5th edition (1980))

Technical Notes

Also available in 35mm. (Mark Toscano)

Anecdotal Notes


Archival Properties